Sponsor Eid Al Adha Campaign For Quraan Teachers and Poor Muslims

Support Us ! Start from : RM 590 for goat sacrificial RM 700 for caw sacrificial one seventh person


Arrisalah alkhairiyah foundation is a social institution engaged in the field of da’wah .
Distribution of sacrificial animals is one of the dakwah programs carried out by the foundation for more than 10 years .
This program will continue with the sympathy and participation of the Muslims in donating their wealth in the way of Allah subhanahu wata’ala .
We call on all Muslim citizens of Malaysia to take part in filling in the slot for sharing this qurban to Muslims and the poor in remote villages in the archipelago, especially on the island of Sumatra .
The price we offer :
1. RM 590 for one goat
2. RM 700 one-seventh cow (for seven people)
Make your sacrifice ! order now .
Information :
+62-823 6161 5577



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